Aeolian Sediment Transport and Coastal Dune Evolution

Just as currents, waves, and tides are instrumental in transporting sediment in the aqueous portions of the beach, winds can quickly move sediment. If you don’t believe me check out the development of small amplitude aeolian bedforms and streamers at the Sand Motor in the Netherlands:


While in the Netherlands during Fall 2014 I was working closely with Bas Hoonhout (PhD Student) and Sierd de Vries (Assistant Professor) from TU Delft on measuring instantaneous aeolian sediment transport using Wenglor sensors. Ultimately aeolain transport in the cross shore direction is what supplies sediment to the backshore and allows for the growth of dune system – one of the main research questions of my PhD.

We have just started touching the surface on understanding mobilization of sand on beach systems and how to integrate those highly spatially and temporally variable fluxes to understand net aeolian transport rates. So expect more updates on these research endeavors in the near future!