Adventures of An Aspiring Coastal Geomorphologist

Nearshore Bathymetric Surveying

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As a joint collaboration between Oregon State University, the US Geological Survey, and the Washington Department of Ecology there has been a long-standing field research program in northern Oregon/southern Washington in order to understand inter-annual morphologic variability throughout the Columbia River Littoral Cell. As part of this program bathymetric surveys are completed each year of the surf zone and shoreface using personal watercraft outfitted with real-time kinematic GPS and single-beam echosounders. Heres a pic of the Oregon State University and US Geological Survey field crew during Summer 2014 getting ready…read more

Lane County

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As part of an effort funded by the Northwest Associated of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS), our lab group has been using our Coastal Profiling System to collect high resolution nearshore bathymetry for the whole Oregon coast over the last few years. This summer we spent 3 days working in Lane County, Oregon. This is a picture looking down on Baker Beach from up on the headland. There are some incredible aeolian bedforms on the beach! Two of my partners in crime near the Heceta Head Lighthouse!

AWAC Deployment

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In July 2014 I (with the help of many others) deployed a mooring in Newport, Oregon from the R/V Elakha in order to measure in-situ hydrodynamics on the shoreface offshore of South Beach State Park. This was part of a study investigating onshore sediment transport processes and mechanisms of sandbar welding to the coast. Many thanks to NortekUSA for loaning a 1 MHz Acoustic Wave and Current Profiler (AWAC) as part of their graduate student equipment grant!          

Coastal Pics from Cape Town (South Africa)

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I spent 3 months living in Swaziland in spring 2014, which is a small landlocked country up in the mountains. However, I did get to travel around southern Africa quite a bit while I was overseas – including to many different beaches in South Africa and Mozambique. Here are a few nice pics from our trip to Cape Town in April 2014. Boulder’s Beach: Tons of penguins on the beach!   Camps Bay:   Cape of Good Hope: