South Beach – January Survey

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Katy and I went out yesterday (21 January 2015) and did an RTK GPS survey of South Beach State Park in Newport, OR. Amazingly it was a beautiful sunny January day down at coast!

There have been a couple of big storms this year and that has led to:

  1.  A very flat, featureless intertidal beach profile
  2. A lot of aeolian sediment transport supplying sand to the dunes

The following are some pictures of sediment deposition on or behind the dune. In certain locations deposition since the last survey exceeded ~20 cm and completely covers the dune grasses.




We have been testing out kite aerial photography. Unfortunately there wasn’t much wind yesterday, but we still got a few good shots from above near the jetty:




Trying to debug some issues with the handheld:  20150121_171601


Sundown selfie:20150121_171818