South Beach – November Survey

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The day started off nicely (overcast but warm) at South Beach, but quickly turned into rain and fog. With the change in weather also brought quite a bit of wind which was cool because it caused a highway of sediment to start flowing over the jetty into the Yaquina River Inlet:


This is actually one of the main reasons that we are working at South Beach because the Army Corps of Engineers in particularly interested in the sediment pathways that are causing infilling of the inlet. Clearly the contributions of sediment from South Beach to the inlet are not insignificant!

The November survey also took place after a big storm. The vegetation on the foredunes was bent over and oriented to the north indicating strong winds from the south/southwest that caused the significant amount of aeolian transport onto the dunes as shown below:


Look at how flat the beach is and how saturated the surf zone is:20141124_144841

Panoramic Shot:20141124_161016